20 Inexpensive Fashion Gift Ideas That Are Way Better Than Socks, Because We Know You Can Be More Original Than That

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For girls who love fashion, the holidays are the highlight of the year. Of course, the "spirit of the season" and all of that holds true, but let's not sell short the the fact that it's the only time of year, aside from our birthdays, when we get fashion for free. But gifting that stylish someone in your life the latest Isabel Marant sweater, Burberry scarf, or Chanel handbag doesn't come cheap, and not everyone has the physical means (or the desire) to splurge hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a gift. It's okay. We understand. But that doesn't mean throwing your hands up in defeat and gifting us just a plain old pair of socks is going to suffice. So here's a few suggestions of gift ideas that are way better than lame old socks.

Image: Sunny studio/Fotolia

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