Kelly Clarkson's "Wrapped in Red" Video is All Her

by Kenya Foy

Fans of Kelly Clarkson have waited patiently for her to release new music while she settles into married life and adjusts to becoming a new mother, but thankfully the 32-year-old singer recently signaled that her musical hiatus is just about over by announcing the arrival of her new album in early 2015, which will be her first studio album since 2011. In the meantime, Clarkson released a Christmas album last year that hopefully helped to tide everyone over until she returns with her signature collection of hard-hitting ballads and uplifting pop tunes like "Stronger" and "Breakaway." But here's a reason to pause those songs, which are obviously on repeat until she gives us something new to wail — er, sing along to. Clarkson released a video for her song "Wrapped in Red" off her 2013 eponymous Christmas album.

Scrooges beware — the video is really sweet and will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. But how does it measure up to "Underneath the Tree," Clarkson's other Christmas video from the same album?

For starters, they're both really great holiday videos that feature candid moments, but that's pretty much where they begin veering off in different directions. "Underneath the Tree" is more upbeat and spirited and makes you want to put on an ugly Christmas sweater and drink too much egg nog. On the other hand, "Wrapped in Red" oozes simplicity and intimacy and has a "chestnut roasting over an open fire" feel.

Here's the breakdown:

"Wrapped in Red" is more about emotion and intimacy

Clarkson's newest video shot in a less elaborate setting that gives off a more serious, reflective tone.

"Underneath the Tree" was a major production

The video features clips from Clarkson's music special Kelly’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, hence the live audience, tree-lined stage, fake snowfall, big band and orchestra, background singers, and glamorous gown.

"Wrapped in Red" features a bundled up Clarkson sledding in the snow

No celebs or big bands here — Clarkson is the only star of this video.

"Underneath the Tree" features celebrity appearances...

...including Blake Shelton in an elf costume.

"Wrapped" focuses on Clarkson's personal Christmas memories

Here's an adorable clip of Clarkson tearing into a Christmas present.

"Underneath" highlights Clarkson's professional side

This video is all about Clarkson's showmanship and pre-show preparation.

And here are the full videos:

"Wrapped in Red"

"Underneath the Tree"

Images: kellyclarksonVEVO/YouTube (6)