CBS’ ‘Late Late Show’ Guest Host Line-Up Is Full of Guys — Let’s Fix That

Turns out that CBS is filling the gap between one dude hosting The Late Late Show and another dude hosting The Late Late Show with... ten more dudes. The list of Late Late Show guest hosts was released today, and it is 100 percent devoid of women. That seems like a feat! There are some great names on this list, as well as some... puzzling ones. But one thing's clear: This is pretty silly.

Now, it should be noted that, as Vulture's Joe Adalain points out, this isn't the full list — it's just what they've announced, and reports say there are "still conversations going on with possible female guest hosts." I just kinda wish CBS had gotten further with those conversations before announcing an all-male list. It's kind of an oblivious move considering the conversation going on about late night.

And so here are CBS's picks for guest hosts, ranked and presented alongside ten women who could have rocked this job just as well as any of these dudes. This is not to say that every man on this list should be swapped out. It's just to point out that, hey, CBS, you had options.

10 - John Mayer

The human fedora.

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I mean, if they’re just trying to get a musician up in there, Swift has never been more popular. And imagine the guests she’d attract — girl’s got half of Hollywood on her best friends list.

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9 - Billy Gardell

Nothing against Gardell, of course. I don’t watch Mike & Molly, so maybe this is way more exciting for fans of that show.

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ALTERNATIVE: Kristen Schaal

She’s thoroughly hilarious, and she’s flexed her late night muscles in places like The Daily Show.

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8 - Thomas Lennon

I’m certainly not anti-Lennon; he’s pretty funny, and Hell Baby (which Lennon directed) was an… interesting experience. Plus, it featured a lot of my comedy faves.

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ALTERNATIVE: Jessica Williams

Williams routinely slays on The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert’s coming to CBS late night soon enough; let’s bring some Williams, too.

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7 - Kunal Nayyar

I gave up on Big Bang Theory a long time ago, but he’ll probably do fine.

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ALTERNATIVE: Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer

The creators and stars of Broad City are already pretty beloved, and their fans definitely want to see them on the TV screen more often.

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6 - Sean Hayes

After seeing Hayes host the Tonys, I’m alright with this.

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She’s not a CBS star, considering Parks and Rec is on NBC, but she’s got a fan base that is very much enamored with her take on talk-show-type things.

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5 - Drew Carey

I’m a loyal Whose Line fan, and I have seen every episode of The Drew Carey Show. He’s a pro. He’ll do fine.

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Another Whose Line host. Another pro.

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4 - Jim Gaffigan

I’m looking forward to this one, actually. I enjoy Gaffigan.

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But I enjoy Sykes quite a lot, too.

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3 - Judd Apatow

He created, like, half of our movie stars. There’s something there. That Apatow fella’s going places.

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Apatow’s latest movie is starring and written by Schumer. She’s having a breakout year. CBS might be afraid she’ll say something un-censor friendly, but it’s a risk worth taking.

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2 - Will Arnett

Not complaining.

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Slate is having a banner year, so why not ring in the new one by having her be hilarious in late-night?

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. Wayne Brady

I grew up watching Whose Line, but I’m still kind of freaked out by this dude’s chops.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


She’s up for the chance to be TIME’s Person of the Year. She’s on one of the buzziest shows out there. She rocks.

Honorable mentions: Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (not included because I just assume they’re busy), Mindy Kaling (ditto), Chelsea Peretti, Tig Notaro, Kathy Griffin, Lorde, June Diane Raphael, Jane Lynch, Aparna Nancherla, Sara Benincasa, Sarah Silverman, Julie Klausner, Margaret Cho, and hundreds more.

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