The Aboslute Cutest Wrapping Paper You Need For All Your Holiday Gifts

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When it comes to wrapping, most of us probably have some Christmas-themed fantasy of how it's going to go. You imagine yourself sitting in front of a fire, diligently wrapping presents with massive bows and sparkly tags, all while singing your favorite Christmas carols. What really happens? It's midnight on Christmas Eve and you're frantically trying to package a million presents without getting any wrinkles in the cool wrapping paper, which doesn't always go as easily as YouTube tutorials make it look. Wrapping can be stressful to say the least.

And even though it's inevitable that many of us will wait until the last minute to wrap all of our presents, there's no reason why we have to stick to generic, boring wrapping paper. This is why Etsy exists, guys. Whether you're the person who's happily anticipating your wrapping extravaganza or you're dreading the process, here are 11 examples of super adorable, unique wrapping paper for all your holiday gift-giving needs.

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