35 Times Angelina Jolie Refused to Share the Screen with Anyone Less Attractive Than Brad Pitt

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie is one gorgeous woman, but did you know Jolie also has some of the most beautiful co-stars on the big screen? Seriously, this is one lucky lady who gets to star alongside quite a few male and female beauties. With that said, let’s take a look at 35 of the hottest actors and actresses Jolie’s either gotten to kiss, fight, or simply stand next to in her movies.

Anna Gunn

Talk about two gorgeous women on the big screen. In 1995, Jolie starred with Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn in Without Evidence. I don’t think anyone would complain about watching these two in action — and in the same movie.

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Peter Facinelli

Remember the 1996 movie Foxfire? No? Well, that’s OK, because all you need to know is Jolie shared some screen time with the good-looking Peter Facinelli. Jealous? That’s what I thought.

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Jonny Lee Miller

Not only was Jolie once married to Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller, but they also starred in the 1995 flick Hackers. His accent is one I can’t resist, and I guess Jolie couldn’t either.

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David Duchovny

No, these two didn’t act together in The X Files, and some might not see Jolie as David Duchovny’s Scully, but you have to admit they’re two really, really good looking people in Playing God.

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Elizabeth Mitchell

This TV movie got a lot of rants and raves, but one thing remains true: Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell definitely heated up the small screen thanks to their time playing lovers in Gia.

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Mekhi Phifer

Talk about hot stuff. Best known for his time on ER and, of course, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Mekhi Phifer also co-starred with Jolie in the 1998 crime drama Hell’s Kitchen.

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Sean Connery

Bond. James Bond. Yep, Jolie was lucky enough to act with legend Sean Connery in Playing by Heart. I have no doubt in saying his accent probably made her swoon.

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Ryan Phillippe

Also in Playing by Heart, Jolie got to stare into the eyes of Ryan Phillippe. Seriously, this is a star-studded cast, and I’m quite jealous of Jolie getting to act with all these amazing (and hot) talents.

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Madeleine Stowe

Another beauty in Playing by Heart was Revenge’s Madeleine Stowe. OK. Now I have to check out this movie, and, yes, because it features some top-notch actors. Oh, and because they’re all nice to look at.

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Cate Blanchett

Yes, she acted alongside John Cusack and former hubby Billy Bob Thornton in Pushing Tin, but hello, Cate Blanchett! Does it get any hotter than this blonde and brunette duo? I don’t think so.

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Denzel Washington

Not only did this movie give me the fear of entering another cab, but The Bone Collector also showed that Denzel Washington and Jolie make one beautiful, badass fictional couple.

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Winona Ryder

Who else went mental for Jolie and Winona Ryder in Girl, Interrupted ? Apparently, the Academy Awards did too seeing as they handed Jolie an Oscar for her supporting role.

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Jared Leto

Jolie starred in not one, but two movies with Jared Leto. I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous in my life! Leto and Jolie both starred in Girl, Interrupted and the 2004 film Alexander, which I think I need to add to my list even if it is just to watch the pretty cast in action.

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Daniel Craig

Badass? Check. Accent? Check. Once again, Jolie’s love interest was someone who looks very good wet and without a shirt aka Daniel Craig in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

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Antonio Banderas

Talk about sexy. Jolie and Antonio Banderas showed some skin while starring together in Original Sin. I’m pretty sure they steamed up the screen, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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Edward Burns

In 2002’s Life or Something Like It, even as Jolie’s competition and archenemy Edward Burns (in the movie, of course) still managed to capture her heart. Duh.

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Gerard Butler

Surprise, surprise. Once again, sequel Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life couldn’t help but cast rugged hunk Gerard Butler. I don’t know who’s hotter: Butler or Craig. Talk about a tough life decision.

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Clive Owen

Why wouldn’t Jolie want to star in another film with someone who happens to also have an accent? That’s exactly what she did with Clive Owen in Beyond Borders.

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Ethan Hawke

In addition to working a case together, Ethan Hawke and Jolie also got to work together in between the sheets in 2004’s Taking Lives.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

In between giant flying robots, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow also featured Gwyneth Paltrow as Polly Perkins. Not only are Paltrow and Jolie considered two of the most beautiful actresses, but they’re also both Oscar winners!

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Jude Law

Jude Law also starred in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow with Paltrow and Jolie proving that this cast is indeed good looking.

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Colin Farrell

Add him to the list — of the many men with accents who Jolie gets to work with. Despite Alexander receiving poor reviews, Farrell and Jolie make one hot duo.

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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson also starred in Alexander , where she went nude and had sex scenes with Farrell giving Jolie a run for her money.

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Brad Pitt

This is the movie that started it all! Mr. & Mrs. Smith introduced Brad Pitt to his now wife Jolie. Despite the timing (he left Jennifer Aniston for Jolie), the two haven’t let that influence their love or relationship.

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Kerry Washington

Before she was Olivia Pope on Scandal, Kerry Washington starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith alongside Jolie and Pitt, where she played not a fixer, but rather a CIA agent!

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Adam Brody

I can’t not mention Adam Brody, who also starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Unlike Seth Cohen on The O.C., he played the prisoner Jolie and Pitt’s characters were assigned to kill.

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Matt Damon

In The Good Shepherd, Jolie and Matt Damon (who is definitely easy on the eyes) channeled their inner government spies by telling the story of the CIA in its early days.

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Archie Panjabi

Best known for playing Kalinda on The Good Wife, Archie Panjabi starred in A Mighty Heart, the emotional true story about missing journalist Daniel Pearl. Panjabi played Asra, Daniel’s friend and colleague.

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James McAvoy

I might not have been a fan of Jolie’s Wanted, been when I hear James McAvoy I go running straight to the theater. Yes, it might have something to do with his accent.

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Liev Schreiber

Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber co-starred with Jolie in Salt aka the movie where Jolie plays another badass who’s on the run from the CIA. Unfortunately, Schreiber didn’t sport his burly beard.

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Johnny Depp

One name: Johnny Depp. Yep, you mention this name and who doesn’t want to see this beautiful man (can you believe he’s 51?) in action, which is what a lot of fans did when he starred with Jolie in The Tourist.

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Juno Temple

Temple joined Jolie in Maleficent , and while she had a smaller role than Jolie's titular one, I have no doubt she lit up the big screen.

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Brenton Thwaites

Until I saw Maleficent, I had never heard of Brenton Thwaites, who plays Prince Phillip in the film. Seriously, I bet this Australian is breaking a lot of hearts.

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Lucy Liu

Now, they might not have starred in the flesh together, but they did both contribute to the animated flick Kung Fu Panda. That’s right, Jolie and Lucy Liu showed off their kickass skills in the movie, even if it is a cartoon.

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Will Smith

Like Kung Fu Panda, Jolie and funnyman Will Smith both voiced characters in Shark Tale. Even in animated roles, these two are still gorgeous. Right?

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