Will Natalie Portman Be In the Steve Jobs Biopic? Her Take On Sorkin-Talk Would Be Excellent

It's been a while since Natalie Portman has been in the Hollywood spotlight — she's been hanging relatively low in France of late — but the Oscar winner might be coming back to us. According to Deadline, Portman is in talks for the Steve Jobs biopic that's been rumbling around Hollywood recently. If she signs the dotted line it'll be a good sign on this movie's long and bumpy road into existence.

The film, which is written by West Wing and Social Network's Aaron Sorkin, has already lost David Fincher as its director and Christian Bale as its star. Its alternatives aren't bad — Danny Boyle's directing and Michael Fassbender's confirmed to star — but it's certainly a production that could use some stability.

It's unclear who Portman will be playing when all is said and done — leading theory has her cast as Jobs' wife, or perhaps his daughter. A lot of what Portman's been doing recently (aside from her continual role in Marvel's Thor movies) has been on the production side, on projects like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, so I personally hope she won't sign on that dotted line until she makes sure this is a character well-written enough to be worthy of her Oscar-winning self. If she does, though, I sure am looking forward to hearing her talk a thousand words a minute on a Sorkin script.