8 Things The 'Independence Day' Sequel Needs To Include (Like Mae Whitman, For One)

Nothing dead stays dead forever, at least in zombie movies and Hollywood. And so it is that that Independence Movie sequel is happening. Like, actually happening: Fox has greenlit it and production will start in May. Get ready to have yet another childhood memory revived for the modern day.

Independence Day is an American classic, but it's also not the kind of movie people tend to get particularly nit-picky about. So as Fox makes I.D. 2, here's hoping they keep in mind that fans will want to see the following:

That Will Smith Type Of Charm

Smith has already turned down a presence in this sequel, so don't expect the man himself to be all up in this movie. Still, it was his charm that really led us through that film, and if they can't find someone else to carry us through on some genuine humor then, what's the point?

Bill Pullman

Pullman should just be in more things these days, and not playing a pedophile. Bill Pullman playing a pedophile makes my heart sad.

At the very least have another Best Movie President Ever

Just follow the opposite of the Scandal model.

Lots of references to the original

It would be extremely ill-advised for this film to take itself too seriously, or not to pay its dues to the pop cultural moments that came out of the original.

Another really, really epic speech

FHEfoxconnect on YouTube

I mean, I'd be half OK with them just repeating the first one, but I kind of doubt they'll do that. But they've gotta have something epic for Pullman to say during the climax, right?

Jeff Goldblum

katulobotomia on YouTube

Just put Goldblum in most of the things, OK?

Some of the criticisms from the movie's Honest Trailer

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More of Hollywood should watch Honest Trailers.

Mae Whitman as the star

She played a kid in the first one. NOW IT'S HER TIME TO SHINE.

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