Which YA Sleuth Are You?

by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch

Okay, try not to laugh too hard: My secret life's ambition is to be a teenage sleuth. Yes, I understand that my current age pretty much precludes me from any chance of a second career as a YA crime solver, and I do appreciate that, in this particular instance, most of my idols are fictional. But seriously, how cool would it be to hop on board the mystery bus and set to work solving cases? You don't even have to answer that — it would be so cool. So freakin' cool.

In fact, for almost as long as I can remember I've idolized those adolescent adventurers who set about righting wrongs through a magical combination of intellectual prowess, preternatural skill, and daring do — and for as long as I can remember, I've wondered where exactly I'd fit in on the spectrum of teen sleuths.

Would I be more of a quiet, literary Holmes type à la Harriet the Spy? Or more of a sultry teen about town like the inimitable Nancy Drew herself? Could I possibly make it as a Hardy Boy?

Well, those questions and so many more are about to be asked and answered — that's one mystery I can solve. So if you've ever wondered just what kind of YA sleuth you'd be, now's your chance to find out whether your a Nancy, a Harriet, or a Hardy.

1. If you had to pick one adjective to describe yourself, what would it be?

a) Flip

b) Precocious

C) Nervey

2. When you set out to solve a mystery, who do you bring with you?

a) Your faithful boyfriend

b) You're pretty much a loner

c) Your brother, of course

3. What's the one crime-fighting tool you could never leave behind?

a) Your trusty magnifying glass

b) Your journal

c) Your best buddy

4. When you come home from a long day on the job, who's there to greet you?

a) Your housekeeper

b) Your nanny

c) Your dad

5. How old are you when you reach your peak crime-fighting abilities?

a) 16

b) 11

c) 18

6. What's your getaway vehicle of choice?

a) Your convertible

b) Your bicycle

c) Your motorboat

7. In your high school yearbook, you'd be voted...

a) Most popular

b) Most improved

c) Most likely to succeed

8. You're often found in the company of...

a) Your dog

b) A tomato sandwich

c) A local detective

9. Your hobbies include...

a) Painting, sailing, and bridge

b) Creative writing

c) Rugged outdoorsmanship

10. Who keeps watch over the home front while you're out solving crimes?

a) Your housekeeper

b) Your nanny

c) Your loving mother

11. How do you celebrate after closing a case?

a) With a night out on the town

b) With a good book

c) With your family

Ready for the results?

If you scored mostly As: Congratulations, you sexy teen detective queen — you're verifiable Nancy Drew material. As a true Drew, you keep it together on the case and off: you're bright, motivated, and a style icon in your own right. Of course, just because you make crime-fighting look hot doesn't mean you can't bone up on you're French or take up baking on holidays. Whether you're curling up with your main man or making the bad guys pay, you're a well-rounded role model and an icon.

If you landed mostly Bs: It's time to break out that notebook — you're Harriet the Spy incarnate. You're brilliant, precocious, and not afraid to speak your own mind. Although your brutal honesty can sometimes get you into hot water with your loved ones, your kindness and generosity of spirit will always see you through. You've started early and broken the mold, and there's truly no telling what you can do. The world is your oyster.

If your answers were almost all Cs: You're a Hardy Boy at heart! You know that nothing puts an end to skullduggery like a little hard work shared between friends, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty if that's what it takes. When the going get's tough, you get going, and you never stop digging until you've made a breakthrough. You're diligent, hard-working, and a devoted friend, your acts of daring do are an inspiration to everyone around you.

Image: Paramount Pictures; Giphy