Rudy Giuliani Says Ferguson Witnesses Should Be Prosecuted Instead of Darren Wilson

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on Fox News Tuesday night to dole out his opinions on the Ferguson grand jury's decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson. Giuliani has been making the rounds on the media circuit over the last few days, because he has just so many damn opinions on Wilson, Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown. Oh, and the witnesses. According to Giuliani, the Ferguson witnesses should be prosecuted for lying to investigators about the details of the shooting. It's the second-most offensive thing Giuliani has said this week.

As St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCullough said while delivering the grand jury's decision on Monday night, some of the witnesses interviewed later admitted they didn't see the actual shooting and may have provided false details. Giuliani said that if he was McCullough, he would have done things differently — prosecute the witnesses:

I disagree with the prosecutor on only one thing. I would prosecute all those people for perjury. To testify falsely in a case in which you can put a man in jail for the rest of his life is an extremely serious crime. ... It's not unreliable," Giuliani responded. "These are people who are friends of his, these are people who have an ax to grind. You know, it's not unreliable that you think you saw hands go up when in fact his hands were down all the time.
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Giuliani also elaborated on Witness No. 10, who perfectly corroborated Wilson's story of being attacked by Brown in his car, and Brown allegedly charging him before firing his final shot:

I read some of the testimony today. If you look at witness number ten, not identified by name or by race, but I'm pretty sure an African-American from the discussion. He corroborates every single thing that that officer just said including the fact that no one put their hands up. In fact, he came forward because he was angry and offended that people were lying about the fact that he was shot in the back and that Brown had put his hands up.

Image: screenshot/YouTube