These Two Had the Cutest Wedding of the Weekend

Musical superstars Stevie Wonder and Kanye West were in attendance this weekend at what's sure to be September's most beautiful wedding: Grammy winning singer John Legend married long-time love Chrissy Teigen in a ceremony in Lake Como, Italy this Saturday. The wedding included not one but three wedding dresses, a Legend-Wonder duet, and the general revelry that comes when extraordinarily pretty and talented people decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Teigen, 27 and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, wore three Vera Wang dresses for the Villa Pizzo celebration: Two ivory and strapless — one with an open back and the other mermaid — and the third was a V-neck ball gown, which she wore for the ceremony itself. You can see a photo of the latter below.

Legend, for his part, met the obvious expectations that come with having a voice like his and serenaded his new wife with his song "All of Me,". He also performed a duet with musical legend Wonder.

If you're wondering if either half of the couple got nervous leading up to the ceremony, the answer is yes, but their nerves had nothing to do with cold feet: "My jitters come from the dumbest things, like, 'Oh my God, there are a few steps I have to go down,'" Teigen told Us Weekly. "I'm having these little nightmares [that] I'm going to fall."

Teigen and Legend chose Lake Como as the location of their wedding because it's where "they first fell in love," which is so adorable it kind of makes you want to punch them in the face. Just imagine all the love songs that will be born on that honeymoon!

[Image: Instagram]