Take a Break from Turkey Day and Watch This Hilarious 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Bad Lip Read

If your Thanksgiving Day is taking a turn for the awkward and dramatic (you know what I mean — that weird uncle no one really likes is bringing up politics and your loud cousins are already tipsy and not everyone has even arrived yet), then do I have the perfect cure for you. The people over at Bad Lip Reading have released a new video, just in time for the holidays (and, I guess, the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, if you want their news hook). The Bad Lip Reading of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is, as are most of the videos posted to BLR's YouTube channel, pretty amazing.

The real Catching Fire is the kind of movie that might give you things to be thankful for. You could watch it today and make a case for it. "Why are you watching The Hunger Games?" a snooty and judgmental relative might ask. Then, you would look up at them with a solid eye roll, I mean the kind of eye roll you've been training for with every eye roll of your life, and say, "Because it reminds me of all the things I'm thankful for, Uncle Roy (adjust for actual uncle's stupid name), that's why. It reminds me to be thankful that I don't live in a dystopian future where children are forced to fight to the death as entertainment. It reminds me to be thankful and grateful for the feast we just had/are about to have (adjust for time of Thanksgiving meal), unlike those Capitol swine at the Victors' celebration. And mostly, it reminds me to be thankful that Jennifer Lawrence even exists. Now, if you're done interrupting, I'd like to get back to being thankful because unlike some people, I care about this holiday." If you happen to have a mic handy, drop it now.

I know, I just made a really strong case for you leaving your family and friends to go watch Catching Fire on Netflx, but the Bad Lip Reading of Catching Fire offers almost as much to be thankful for (and it's shorter, so you can still squeeze in some family time). In the BLR version of things, there's a lot of singing. A lot of the awkward panting and breathing turns into humming and awkward song-chanting. Effie Trinket steals the show by turning the Victors' celebration into a (very brief) broadway number. And, most impressively, the guy voicing Haymitch sounds remarkably like Woody Harrelson.

Bad Lip Reading on YouTube

Oh, and just in case you're stuck in one of those awkward, can't-let-my-phone-make-sound situations (of which there are too many on Thanksgiving), here are the highlights. Read them, suppress laughter and then excuse yourself to the bathroom to watch the video.

- Effie singing at the Victors' celebration: "Spread your cheeks and clap and smack your doctor. I'm gonna go do that right now."

- Gale and telling Katniss they shouldn't make out:

Both: [Awkward humming/singing/chanting/panting]

Gale: We shouldn't make out at my sick party.

Katniss: …I didn't want to.

Gale: No. You'd love it.

- Katniss trapped in the arena:

Peeta: Do you need like a snot rag?

Katniss: Huh? No!

Peeta: Are you sure? Looks like you need a snot rag. A snot rag! Huh?

- Haymitch asking for advice:

Haymitch: You're a chick right? My nose has a pimple. Do I claw it like in that French movie or should I make nachos now?

- Creepy little girl:

Creepy Little Girl: I'm gonna crush your trachea in your sleep.

Katniss: [Terrified side eye.]

- Katniss and Peeta's band:

Haymitch: Listen, you guys are gonna start a band, and I'm gonna help you. Something like a future sound. Like cool xylophone with drum power.

Peeta: We'll have to think of a name for us.

Haymitch: Yeah, that's right, so let's go with Jimmy Toucan and the Flip Out.

Peeta: But that sucks.

Katniss: It's really bad.

Haymitch: Okay, well let's hear your pick.

Katniss: Obsidiots.

Haymitch: Hmm…okay. It's pretty jammin'. It's got a good vibe.

Katniss: They may as well just give us album of the year right now.

Peeta: Sounds good. Let's do it.

Image: Lionsgate