Could Your Yoga Class Use a Little Glitter?

If your yoga class or SoulCycle workout has been a little light on the sparkle lately, Lululemon has got ya covered. The athleticwear brand is officially releasing its limited-edition holiday collection tomorrow and the lookbook is the stuff of fairy princess dreams. Seriously. So. Much. Glitter.

I didn't really know that my go-to workout outfit (read: an oversized t-shirt from my high school track team and a pair of threadbare Soffe shorts) really needed a special holiday edition, but I guess all aspects of our lives deserve to kick it up a notch for all the festivities. Well, that's at least what Lululemon thinks. I'm thinking that if my impossibly sparkly sports bra gets some glitter on the mat of that ultra-zen chick who smugly contorts herself next to me at yoga, she would be none too pleased. She would probably also eagerly help me into a Scorpion pose. Ouch. Is that what you want, Lululemon?!

Despite the fact that it's only really practical if you're going straight from the gym to your friend's holiday party, the ten-piece collection is really pretty, with textured leggings, peplums, and glitter galore. Prices ranges between $42 and $148 and the limited-edition collection will be available beginning on Black Friday. But for a sneak-peak, check out the pics here.

Images: Getty Images, racked/Twitter