3 Photographers Weigh In on How New York Fashion Week Has Changed

Among their duties of shooting staid presentations, chaotic runway shows, and the seemingly endless party circuit that made up New York Fashion Week, a few photographers took the time during the rush to tell us how the hoopla has changed over the years. A common theme in their experiences? The rise of the street style star. And as for Fashion's Night Out — well, nobody missed that.

Benjamin Stelly at the Desigual show; shoots for Interview, MR Magazine:

"My first season was actually the last season at Bryant Park... Since then fashion week has gotten a lot more accessible. The promenade of Lincoln Center makes it easier to get street style, which has obviously blown up in the last five years and, it's sort of provides a great backdrop for that. I think the camera technology has changed, so we're actually shooting with a Canon SD camera, which has WiFi enabled in its own camera. So we're shooting at the same time it's uploading to our phones and we can tweet that right away, Instagram it, tag it... I think I'm a bit jaded by the street style thing. I get really annoyed actually. Everybody's looking to be shot now."

Andrew Boyle at Milk; shoots for Made Fashion Week:"The delivery of the image is the biggest change I've seen. There's still runway shows, there's still presentations but there's a lot more activity with who's shooting it, how it's being delivered. Social media, whether it's viewed as aculprit or beneficial, is a big catalyst for that... there's a lot more access for that and probably a lot more saturation.

It's also built this weird cult of celebrity for street style where a girl can get out of a car in a funny hat and she's swarmed upon by 100 photographers. Who's to say it's good or bad, but I think it's the accessibility by cult of street celebrity

that's really evident."

Alexander Porter at Dannijo; shoots for Billy Farrell Agency (BFA):

"It's a lot easier. When I first started it seemed chaotic. Now there seems to be a logic to it. I really enjoy shooting things like this, I like to be able to wander around and not be responsible for any rudimentary photographs. I like to play a little bit, and Fashion Week is good for that. I've been shooting for six years. I don't really care that much about street style. I got called out of retirement for Fashion Week. Fashion week is the part I enjoy the most about this job, mostly because I'm not responsible for party pictures."