Fan Response to 'Star Wars' Trailer is Surprising

Now that the Star Wars: Episode VII trailer is here, the real waiting begins. After all, it's not until December 2015 that the movie actually comes out. But in the meantime there's a lot to discuss about the 90-second clip. Most importantly: how the Star Wars fans feel about The Force Awakens teaser.

With any beloved series it can be tough to know how people are going to feel about a reboot. Many Star Wars fanatics are still angry over the cheesy prequels, so I was expecting them to be mad about Episode VII as well. I thought the new trailer was pretty snazzy with just the right amount of modernism and nostalgia. But since I'm not a diehard fan, I knew my opinion could mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

So I headed over to Twitter where the trailer is currently commanding about half of the trending tags. I braced myself for comments on how horrible the new film looked and how nothing could ever beat the classics from the 70s and 80s. And although there were a few people who said they were unimpressed, to my surprise most seemed pretty happy about the J.J. Abrams version of the franchise.

A large part of everyone's delight in the trailer was a direct result of seeing the Millennium Falcon. As one fan pointed out, it hasn't been seen in all its glory for 31 years.

In fact, the biggest complaint people had was that the cross sword lightsaber was a little silly.

Considering this is the Disney reboot of a beloved series, I would say that only getting a few lightsaber complaints isn't bad. On the whole, fans seem excited which means that the trailer did its job.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures (2)