Prague University's Miss VŠE 2014 Pageant Hosts A Twerk-Off for Internships, And It's As Awful As It Sounds

Today in news that no one asked for, beauty pageants, those timeworn tests of wit and cultural awareness, are now utilizing twerk competitions as a means of determining the crown jewel of intellectual superiority, or something. Students at Prague's University of Economics teamed up with a local tabloid to host a Miss VŠE 2014 pageant cum twerk off that would help place the competing women at internships with large companies. The problem with this, besides everything, is deciphering how a woman’s ability to shake her appendages makes her a qualified applicant for a position in number crunching. How the University-sponsored event managed to find support in this asinine ploy at objectifying women is truly an act of wizardry.

At one point the women are instructed to get down on their hands and knees, spread their legs, and shake their bottoms as feverishly as possible. At least a few of the women in the video look deeply uncomfortable, and their exposed, rear-facing bodies only further the feeling of degradation and voyeurism, as objects rather than adult women vying for professional success.

It’s unclear how much prior knowledge of the events that took place was afforded to the University, which claims that its sole involvement in all of this was promoting the event on campus. The silver lining however, Jezebel reports, is that the pageant has been hereafter disassociated with the school. A statement from the University confirmed the news:

After seeing the video and the comments in the press, Mrs. Rector came to the opinion that Miss VŠE 2014 has significantly damaged the reputation of the school. Therefore, the management of VŠE decided that it will not allow to any entity to use the VŠE brand for organizing the competition Miss next year.

So that’s cool I guess. Perhaps this will give pause to the reported six other University-funded pageants across the country, and we can return to a time when schools were used for academia rather than abasement and objectification of female bodies. View the ridiculousness below.


Image: Miss VŠE /Facebook