Creed Singer Scott Stapp Was Placed Under Psychiatric Hold & This Story Keeps Getting Worse

The video he posted on Facebook claiming he was homeless and living at a Holiday Inn hotel was troubling on its own, but, unfortunately, it seems that post was just a small chunk of sad news beginning to emerge involving Creed frontman Scott Stapp. According to multiple reports including TMZ, shortly before making the shocking Facebook video, Scott Stapp was placed under psychiatric hold on Nov. 13, after he was found rambling about someone trying to poison him on the side of a Florida road by police.

Unfortunately, it gets worse from there: TMZ also goes on to report that Stapp's estranged wife Jaclyn Stapp, who filed for divorce from the singer last month, recently filed legal documents claiming that Stapp is exhibiting troubling behavior, sending her paranoid, rambling texts, and "threatening to kill himself and his AA sponsor."

One such incident, Jaclyn claimed in the documents, involved Stapp calling the dean of his son's school on Nov. 10 and leaving a message claiming that the school was the target of an ISIS attack. Jaclyn also claimed that Stapp is allegedly on a "fatal drug binge."

Stapp took to his Facebook today to comment on these new reports, and promised that he would not be releasing any more statements until the situation had passed:

I'm going to step back and let God control everything from here on. I should have continued to do that before I allowed my hurt, frustration, and emotions take control and post those videos. All I can say is that the truth will set you (me) free, and I'm holding on to Jeremiah 29:11 and Isaiah 44:8. This is a test of faith, and I will NEVER give up or lose my faith. No matter what. This will be my last statement until after justice is served. Love to you all my friends.

Jaclyn has filed for custody of their children, and is reportedly attempting to convince Stapp that he needs help.

While it's not clear whether or not the claims from the legal documents are true, it is saddening to hear, especially now. There's no denying that Stapp's Facebook video was troubling to view, and, hopefully, he'll be able to receive help if he needs it.