8 Pajamas You Need For Winter, Because Leaving The House is Overrated

Beyond shopping, the Thanksgiving holiday exists for movie marathons, leftovers, and abject laziness. With all of the bonkers online promotions going on this weekend, you don't even need to leave your house anymore to participate in black Friday deals. Hence, you have every excuse to spend the next 48 hours in your pajamas, buying all the cozy pajamas you need for the winter hibernation period. Take advantage of this.

These 8 sets of ultra-cozy jammies will have you feeling snug and stylish through the nippy months. Bring on that comfy, y'all.

Image: ASOS

Bringin' home the bacon

Bacon makes everything better. This basic law of science applies especially to your lazy-wear. Like a plate of your favorite breakfast meat, these babies are sure to evaporate quickly.

Bacon Belovesie, $99, Beloved

Image: Beloved

Sushi lunch special

This cotton pajama set is comfort incarnate, with the added bonus of being an index of your favorite Japanese delicacy.

White Sushi Pajama, $96, The Cat’s Pajamas

Image: The Cat’s Pajamas

Paul Frank redux

Remember how you were obsessed with Julius, the Paul Frank Monkey, in your Delia’s phase? Well, he’s still alive and well, existing on flannel pajamas and making the world smile. You know you still love him.

Paul Frank Essentials Notch Collar Pajama Set, $41, Macy’s

Image: Macys

Queen of hearts

A fantastic option for those who A) live in a place without winter B) can’t control the thermostats in their too-hot apartments.

Sweet Dreams Cropped PJ Tee and Shorts, $40, Topshop

Image: Topshop

Nordic Long Johns

This fair isle print onesie will have you feeling like a Scandinavian ski bunny all winter long. Plus, you can easily incorporate this guy into your winter wardrobe. Layer a pair of boyfriend jeans and a flyaway cardigan over this onesie, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

“Free Spirit” Fair Isle Print Jumpsuit, $48, Nordstrom

Image: Nordstrom

Puzzlingly amazing

Doing the Sunday Times crossword in your crossword-print pajamas is basically the definition of meta.

Crossword Pajama, $65, The Cat’s Pajamas

Image: The Cat’s Pajamas

The white (and black) stripes

You can be Beetlejuice’s twin in these chic black-and-white striped jammies. Also, nobody will judge you for repurposing this top as streetwear. Head over to ASOS for these puppies, which you can get for 30 percent off their full inventory this weekend.

Mono Striped Cami Pajamas, $26 ($18.23with 30% Black Friday sale), ASOS

Image: ASOS

Goodnight moon

A pair of fleece footie pajamas will give you that return-to-the-womb feeling. And why not throw in some imagery from your favorite childhood bedtime story?

Hoodie Footie Moons & Cows Pajamas, $79, Pajamagram

Image: Pajamagram