Who Voices Trixie in 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'? Funny Lady Kristen Schaal Is A Voice Over Rock Star

Here are two things I love in life: dinosaurs and Kristen Schaal. Dinosaurs are awesome no matter what day of the week it is, and yeah, they're definitely making a comeback. Schaal, on the other hand, is a downright beautiful burst of comedic energy that brightens up every room she walks into. Kristen Schaal voices the Toy Story dinosaur Trixie, and her voice talents return for the new Toy Story short, Toy Story That Time Forgot (try saying that five times fast). In super exciting news for all dinosaur and Schaal fans alike, Trixie takes center stage in the short, because it's finally her time to shine.

Trixie was a brand new character for Toy Story 3, and part of the toy group that Woody encounters as soon as pre-schooler Bonnie brings him home from Sunnyside. She had her moments in the movie — and then again in the Toy Story shorts, Hawaiian Vacation, Toy Story of Terror, Small Fry, and Partysarous Rex — but now she's going to be a full-fledged dinosaur heroine for all of Bonnie's toys. Details of Toy Story That Time Forgot are still under wraps, but Trixie and the gang encounter even more dinosaurs — the Battlesaurs, to be specific — and already this is my favorite Toy Story short ever.

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But, even though I've always loved Schaal, Trixie never got the love that she deserved. And Schaal has noticed. She told The New York Post:

I went to a [Disney] store, and there were all these Toy Story plush toys, except for Trixie. They even had the bear that tried to murder everyone! The manager said they sold out [of Trixie], but I was suspicious. I think he was being nice.

You've more than likely seen Schaal around in a million different places, from her role on HBO's Flight of the Concords, to NBC's 30 Rock, to Weird Al's "Tacky" video this past summer. She has one of those voices that you recognize immediately, no matter what the situation. And, she's a pretty funny lady, too. So here's to Trixie getting more Toy Story-centric spin-offs in the future, or a full-fledged starring role in Toy Story 4. Trixie better stick around for that one, too.

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