David & Brooklyn Beckham Involved in Car Crash But Is the Soccer Pro & His Son OK?

On Saturday, former pro soccer player David Beckham and son Brooklyn were reportedly in a car accident. It's their second one in the past year as they also had a fender bender in October 2013. This most recent crash occurred in Hertfordshire, England right after Beckham picked his son up from a soccer training session.

"They were shaken. It was quite a heavy prang at quite a speed but everybody walked away uninjured," a source told The Telegraph . "Everybody's fine. Thankfully the car's airbags deployed."

Although the source is reporting the Beckhams escaped unharmed, 15-year-old Brooklyn's teammate Archie Davies told a different story on Twitter. Apparently he saw the crash and said he thought David Beckham injured his shoulder. "Just seen David Beckham looks like he got in a car crash and hurt his shoulder. Star struck by seeing David Beckham tbh," he said in a now-deleted tweet.

Details are still coming in about the circumstances of the accident and whether the two suffered any injuries. The BBC reports that while police have not confirmed who was in the accident, they did report a crash that left the driver of a grey Audi banged up. Beckham owns an Audi RS6 which could mean he was indeed the one injured.

Michael Steele/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Hopefully both David and Brooklyn Beckham are OK. But since this is their second accident in the last year let's hope David drives a little more carefully from now on.

Image: Getty