GOP Aide Elizabeth Lauten Faces Backlash After Telling Sasha and Malia Obama to "Show a Little Class"

In your pre-Thanksgiving planning and post-Thanksgiving food coma, you may have missed the minor kerfuffle surrounding Sasha and Malia Obama earlier this week when they made some hilarious facial expressions while their dad pardoned a turkey. While most people saw the pictures, snickered a little at their embarrassment, and moved on with their lives, GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten took it upon herself to lecture the Obama daughters on "showing a little class." Because an adult publicly criticizing teenagers who were minding their own business is just the epitome of class.Earlier this week, the internet thought Sasha and Malia Obama looked a little embarrassed while their dad made a bunch of corny jokes at the Thanksgiving turkey pardon on Thursday. The typical characteristics of being a teenager were all there — arms folded, impressive side eye, unwillingness to pet a turkey (ew). Pretty average stuff everyone remembers from being a teen. However, according to Jezebel, Lauten was so outraged by their demeanor that she needed to express herself on Facebook, admonishing them to "respect the part they play" and "act like being in the White House matters to you." In addition to getting in a dig at the First Couple, who apparently "don't respect their positions... or the nation," she went on to tell the daughters to "dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar." She's taken down the rant since then, but luckily there are plenty of screencaps.

Aside from the fact that a grown woman is bullying teenagers for literally just standing there, let's talk about the "dress like you deserve respect" part for a second. What exactly does she think that kind of fashion entails? Both daughters were dressed conservatively. By the twisted logic that a woman's worth is tied to how much skin she's showing, they're impeccable, but what they're wearing shouldn't be an issue in the first place. Lauten's statement compares a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old to women who are old enough to buy alcohol. Did she not see a problem with that?Even if she didn't, plenty of other people did. The backlash Lauten has faced in the time since she posted the rant has been extensive enough that she was forced to apologize yesterday. Her Facebook page is now mostly private, with no sign of either the original rant or the apology.

However, this wasn't enough for many people, who pointed out that if Lauten feels comfortable calling Sasha and Malia out online, she should at least direct the apology at them. Many are now clamoring for her to be fired.

The Republican party has a history of attacking President Obama for every little thing, but it looks like most people agree that going after his children is too far. There's no word so far on whether Lauten will resign, but even if she retains her job, it's going to be a rough day at the office tomorrow.