6 Ways to Make Your Cocktail Healthier, Because Nobody Wants to Give Up Happy Hour

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Sometimes cocktails feel like the ultimate exception to otherwise nutrition-forward eating habits. Whether it’s happy hour with your coworkers or a best friend’s birthday, there seems to always be a time and place for a boozy drink. For those who are trying to eat as healthfully as possible, these cocktails can cause a problem — but who really wants to completely give up on happy hour?

Thankfully, you don’t have to toss your alcoholic beverages just yet, as there are tweaks that you can do to make your cocktails just a little bit healthier.

“When it comes to drinks, the two biggest health saboteurs are fat and sugar,” says Clinical Nutritionist Tara Coleman. “Many drinks are loaded with heavy creams or extra sugars to get that super sweet flavor.”

Picking the right cocktails or using the right ingredients can make cocktails better for you. You should never feel bad about indulging in your favorite drink. With the help of Coleman, we’ve gathered some tips to make your cocktail as guilt-free as possible.

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