7 Fashion Gifts No Style-Obsessed Person Ever Wants To Receive (And What to Buy Her Instead)

It can be hard to shop for the fashion obsessed lady in your life, especially if she has every designer purse and It clothing item under the sun. I've been a total clothes horse for as long as I can remember, and while certain people, like my parents, always killed it on the fashion gifts front, others... not so much. Growing up I received my fair share of useless objects shaped like high-heeled pumps and rhinestone-studded jewelry that fell apart in two days.

I definitely don't mean to sound ungrateful — it's the thought that counts, after all — but no one wants to buy someone a present they're just not that into. It's a waste of your own time and money. So before you stock up on picture frames that say "Shopping is the new black" or whatever, why not consider what a fashion lover would really want? Stylish gifts aren't necessarily expensive or extravagant. There are plenty of affordable little treats out there to dazzle the fashionistas on your gift list. If you don't want your thoughtfully selected present to take a trip to the donation bin this holiday season, consider these alternatives to the items your endlessly chic loved one definitely doesn't want.

She doesn't want... anything that says "Shopping is my cardio"

Shopping is My Cardio T-Shirt, $20, etsy.com

This slogan is definitely not as funny as the people making these shirts seem to think it is.

Buy this instead: the perfect layering tee

Draped Palette Top, $68, anthropologie.com

Skip the cheeky phrases and opt for something actually wearable, like this sophisticated paint-splatter blouse that's great for layering under jackets and sweaters.

She doesn't want... a high-heel photo album

Photo Album, $12, etsy.com

Cheesy illustrations of high-heels combined with leopard print and rhinestones doesn't exactly equal "fashion." Besides, does anyone even use photo albums any more?

Buy this instead: Andy Warhol "Diamond Dust Shoes" print

Diamond Dust Shoes by Andy Warhol, $33.70, etsy.com

This re-print of an Andy Warhol classic would go perfectly in any fashionista's well-curated home.

She doesn't want... an ugly Christmas sweater

Women's Bells Are Ringing Sweater, $64.95, tipsyelves.com

Nope, nope, NOPE. She may adventurous with her sartorial decisions, but not this adventurous.

Buy this instead: snowflake necklace

Dogeared 'Tis The Season Snowflake Necklace, $48, bloomingdales.com

A seriously charming seasonally appropriate gift that she'll actually wear.

She doesn't want... a logo-bedecked wristlet

L-Zip Wristlet, $65, coach.com

Completely logo-covered wallets and purses are so 2003.

Buy this instead: a chic clutch

Printed Clutch, $59.90, zara.com

Opt for a go-with-anything clutch with a sleek design instead.

She doesn't want... Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, $9.74, amazon.com

If she hasn't already read this, she probably doesn't ever want to.

Buy this instead: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton, $29, amazon.com

This gorgeous coffee table book commemorates the life and work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen.

She doesn't want... an ill-conceived Chanel quote mug

Chanel Quote Mug, $24, etsy.com

Quote mugs can be sweet gifts, but not when they have a million hard-to-read phrases scattered on them in all different fonts.

Buy instead: Chanel pencils

Coco Chanel Pencils (set of 6), $12.04, etsy.com

These pencils with classic Coco Chanel sayings are an adorable way to show some appreciation for the legendary designer.

She doesn't want... a magnetic picture frame

Hot Lips Magnetic Picture Frame, $20.95, zazzle.com

Not even the biggest beauty lover need this on her fridge.

Buy this instead: Troi Ollivierre lipstick

Troi Ollivierre Lipstick in Parker, $28, jcrew.com

Help your fashion-conscious friend get that J. Crew model look with this unique lipstick designed by the brand's makeup artist.

Images: beornbjorn/Fotolia; Courtesy Brands