The 8 Types Of Holiday Shoppers You'll Encounter

Well guys, it’s here. Cyber Monday deals are well behind us, and that means we're really nearing crunch time when it comes to holiday gifts. While we all may have survived Black Friday shopping (Hunger Games style, of course) there’s a whole new battle to be had as we hit the the internet (and its two day shipping) hard in the next few weeks. May the odds be ever in your favor.

But, I have to confess: I’m not the biggest online shopper. Sure, there are some things I love to buy online and have delivered right to my apartment (THANK YOU, Amazon Prime) but it’s hard to trust that those jeans will actually fit or that lipstick doesn’t wash me out when I haven’t tried them on. Worth the risk? Nah. So, I do most of my Christmas shopping in actual stores.

And — of course — there are always those people you see when you’re trying to knock off a few items on your holiday shopping list. Because December just wouldn’t be December without running into someone trying to find the perfect present for their mother-in-law.

Here are eight types of shoppers you’re bound to run into this holiday season — if you don’t hold if off to the last minute, of course.

1. The Early Bird

She loves Christmas. LOVES it. She's also super organized and completely on top of her game. So, naturally, she finished all of her shopping... in September. Now, she gets to sit back and actually enjoy the season. You're a little jealous — who wouldn't want to cross everything off of their list? — but she probably missed out on all of the good Black Friday deals. So joke's on her.

2. ...And The Procrastinator

And, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, meet the procrastinator. She meant to get her shopping done early this year. She really, really did. But, life got a bit hectic, so she's running around the mall in a complete panic on December 23 again. Next year, she'll get a head start on her shopping. She SWEARS.

3. The Gift Card Guru

Yeah, she could find the perfect, personalized gift for everyone on her list, but what's the point? Her cousin's just going to return that H&M sweater... AGAIN. So this year, she's not even trying. Visa gift cards for everyone!

4. The Christmas Elf

Like The Early Bird, this shopper loves everything and anything Christmas. But, The Christmas Elf actually wants to shop during the holiday season. Why, you might ask? The mall is filled with Christmas cheer! While everyone else is stressed in the Nordstrom dressing room line, she'll be the one waiting for Santa... because they KNOW him.

5. The Determined One

Is Christmas shopping a fun pastime? For this shopper, NOPE. She's dead set on finding the best deals, and will do whatever she has to do to get it. Hit the mall at midnight? Wait in line for three hours? It's no problem for her. May the odds be ever in her favor.

6. The Grinch

Either her mom, sister, or S/O dragged her to the mall — and she is not into it. This Grinch will be the one slouched on the couch by the dressing room while everyone else is picking out gifts. She's over it. So, so over it.

7. The Leslie Knope Of Christmas

Everything she does in life is completely over-the-top and perfect. So, of course, her gifts will be completely personalized to you. She'll beg the sales associate for throw pillows that come in your favorite pattern and color. Annoying? A bit. But you won't be disappointed on Christmas morning.

8. Because They Still Exist...

The re-gifter. Because I'm sure you bought that calendar of dogs playing poker just for me. BYE.

Images: Kurhan/Fotolia; Giphy (8)