On 'RHOA' Porsha & Nene Team Up & They're Not Pulling Any Punches

So this season's breakdown of Real Housewives of Atlanta is Team Nene vs. Team Kenya, the Olds vs. the News. Porsha and Nene haven't always gotten along, but now they're the latest in a series of new alliances. And their fighting may not be physical, but it's getting a little hard to watch. Through the whole first half of the episode, it was nonstop shade and nastiness as Nene returned to throw out all these theories about Kenya, Porsha accusing Cynthia of getting Botox and reading like a robot.

Actually, a good deal of the criticism that they brought up was fairly sexist… I don't like where they've been going, from talking about the other ladies' weight (kinda harmless, but not very nice), to the Botox comment (pretty mean), to shaming Kenya for allegedly having an affair with Apollo, even though he would have just as much (if not more) responsibility for that than she would. And there's a real undercurrent of sexual conservatism that's always made the other ladies looks askance at Kenya because she's never been married. While Kenya has done plenty worthy of criticism, it doesn't seem like she's actively trying to ruin any marriages, and having sex outside of one is nothing to be ashamed of.

Later in the episode, Claudia Jordan, who's basically Kenya's last friend standing, tried to get Porsha, who she happens to work with, to apologize to Kenya, but it was not happening. These ladies can hold a freakin' grudge. Porsha has developed some real shade-throwing ability. She barely even looked at Claudia during the episode, came up with the hilarious "robot read" line, and every person on this show should live in fear of being asked out to lunch to meet with her, because it ends badly every. single. time.

When Kenya heard that Claudia was planning to meet up with Porsha for a confrontation, she enthusiastically recommended that Claudia attempt to facilitate a reconciliation. Is that just because Kenya is so nice that she's desperate for everyone to be friends? Or… could it be that she wants to expose just how rude and nasty Porsha and Nene are being? If she's just being genuine, that's a 180 degree shift from what she's usually doing — she's always been a savvy Housewives player. But if she's trying to expose just how nasty these women can be? It's working.

Image: Laura Magruder/Bravo; Giphy