22 Gifts For Teachers, Because You Can't Thank Them Enough For All That They Do

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It's hard to find good, creative holiday gifts for teachers. In most cases, the hands and faces responsible for making sure your children grow up to be the smartest, most intelligent, self-confident, socially-aware, and responsible version of themselves aren't exactly the people you know best. Sure, you two spend 15 uninterrupted minutes together twice a year for parent/teacher conferences, but that doesn't exactly translate into a stunning friendship.

But you still have to get them a little something this holiday season — a little "thank you" for teaching Tommy not to bite; for showing Vanessa how to read; for coaching Nathan through long division, and for waiting patiently every time Sarah took an extra 15 minutes at the tail-end of lunch to tie her shoelaces. They may not have wanted to, but they did it all with a smile, an encouraging voice, and a vote of confidence.

So, what do you get for the teachers in your life? Here are a few helpful hints. (And in the event you thought you could skip the classroom gifts this year, need I remind you that teachers watch your children do gross stuff day in and day out — pick their noses, readjust their wedgies, spit when they're talking, accidentally pee their pants, talk with their mouths full — and never judge them. At least... not loud enough for you to hear.)

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