13 Holiday Cards We Love That Make Sending Season's Greetings Way More Fun

The holidays are here, and it's a time of giving, so send a little cheer with a card that really says it all. Creative holiday cards are a hot commodity this time of year, so don't just settle for the first thing you see in the holiday aisle of the drugstore — check out one of these ridiculously amazing cards you probably didn't even know existed. You can rest easy knowing your card will sit proudly on the mantel outshining the other cliche cards. Is there anything more joyous?

Image: Mike Brand/Flickr

'A Christmas Story'

Remember that weird one-legged lamp from A Christmas Story that freaked us all out but we also secretly wanted? Well now it’s on a Christmas card.

$19.49 (set of 10), Cafepress.com

Ugly Holiday Sweater

Spread the joy of ugly holiday sweaters to everyone you know with this festive card.

$13.50 (set of 10), Papersource.com

Yoda Christmas

In the words of Yoda: The best Christmas card this is.

$2 per card, Etsy.com

Batman Smells

Classic Batman and Robin. This card is sure to be a favorite of anyone who ever had a childhood.

$2.74 per card, Redbubble.com

Oh Snap Gingerbread

Not your average Christmas card, but definitely the one you want to get!

$19.49 (set of 10), Cafepress.com


Because who doesn’t love cruising with gnomes in a red sports car with the sunroof open?

$16.95 (set of 8), Papersource.com

I Am Your Father Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like Father Christmas. And Star Wars, of course.

$2.40 per card, Redbubble.com

Cozy Penguin Chick

Everyone loves a cute and cozy little penguin. Everyone.

$7.66 (set of 18), Barnes and Noble

Dog Tongue Stuck on Pole

Hey, dog, we’ve all been there. Only difference is they’re using your mishap to spread holiday cheer.

*No animals were harmed in the making of this card.

$10.46 (set of 10), Barnes and Noble

Olaf/Minion Christmas

This is what the holidays are all about, bringing your favorite people together — on one Christmas card.

$19.20 (set of 10), Redbubble.com


Brilliant. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Oh, right, because we’re usually too busy stuffing our faces with gingerbread cookies to think of something this clever.

$4 per card, Etsy.com

Happy Birthday to Jesus

Thanks, Jesus!

$4 per card, Etsy.com

Merry Ludachristmas

Any card featuring a rapper is by far the coolest.

$5 per card, Urbanoutfitters.com