21 Cult Makeup Products People Get Unreasonably Obsessed With (And Sometimes Pay Insane Prices For)

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Buying makeup is one of the most weirdly satisfying things, ever. In my more shameful ~you deserve it~ moments, I’ve spent over a hundred dollars on just foundation and a facial mask. I realize that’s a hundred dollars I could have spent on like, 90 chicken tacos from Del Taco. Or like, anything else that is probably more practical than expensive goo for my face.

But I’m a sad sucker. I like pretty, shiny, glittery things in tubes and bottles. I like when products promise me “results.” I like opening a brand new eye shadow palette and just staring at the impeccably untouched powders in their glistening, metallic hues. And ugh, nail polish. Whenever I see a new minty Essie shade, I declare it a necessity and toss it in my cart. I could find ways to empty out my savings accounts, and that’s borderline insane.

It’s not like I don’t know I’m being vain and materialistic and that I should probably be saving for retirement or something that won’t dry up in my purse or wear off on my face in like two hours, but I can’t help it. Makeup is pretty, and collecting it makes me feel stupidly triumphant.

And whether your attachment to makeup is healthy or not, you probably have at least one product you couldn’t ever not have, be it a particular lipstick shade, lip balm, blush, or a lotion. And since it’s just as fun to talk about makeup as it is to buy it, I’ve culled 21 cult-worthy pieces of makeup most of us have probably tried at some point (or have wanted to).

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