How Does the 'Euros of Hollywood' Cast Make Money? Let Us Count The Ways...

The Euros of Hollywood cast are like the perfect storm of the American dream and the Bravo dream, but that inevitably leaves the average Bravo fan asking: How does the Euros cast make money? Well, they've all succeeded to various degrees in their home countries, and are now in America, hoping to find broader success and create new lives for themselves and their families. They also happen to pretty much all be D-list pop stars, actors, and "entrepreneurs."

They're not just slinging out demos though; the Euros make serious money at what they do, even if it's never as much money (and fame) as they want...

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Isabel Adrian

Isabel will gladly tell you that she and EDM star husband Steve Angello are the “Brad and Angelina of Sweden,” but she’s not exactly holding down a UN Goodwill Ambassador spot. She does things with her time, though, don’t you worry (child). In Sweden, Isabel was a successful fashion blogger, stylist, and TV personality, but she’s still catching on in America’s Hollywood. To bring in the Benjamins in the meantime, she’s opened her own photography studio, LaLa Studios, and is a budding author: her debut novel, Sex, droger & en DJ (Sex, Drugs & a DJ, that is) debuted in Spring of 2014, and is currently being translated into other languages.


In her own words: “The most exciting performances, the best personality, the hottest look & the sexiest smile… BLEONA!” Bleona is the “Madonna of Abania,” and while she’s an entirely successful recording artist in her native country, America is a new frontier. Noticing a theme here?

Bleona got her start on Albania’s version of the Mickey Mouse Club, “The House of Pionieri,” as a child and rose to Eastern European stardom with eight albums. But the next step is parlaying her fame (and, uh sass) to America…one mesh dress at a time.

Massimo Dobrovic

Massimo is an actor, and he is serious about it. He speaks five langauages: a plus; but is also trying to make it in Hollywood as an actor with a pretty strong accent: a challenge. His multi-cultural roots (his mother is Italian and his father is Croatian), ability to speak five languages, and particularly passionate personality work in his favor though, and just landed him a ”major action movie” on the show.

Massimo is also just a sweet, hard-working guy, so while I want to tease about him playing “Thug #2” in Gnome Alone , I think I’ll settle for being happy that he’s doing what he loves to do (and has other, non-gnome projects coming up).


Fawni is, of course, also a pop star, semi-famous in countries that aren’t America. Her latest dance single, “It’s All About You,” was a big hit in Asia and rose to the top of the chart in Japan. What’s really interesting about Fawni though, is her art background: born into a family of artists in Vienna, Fawni began creating at a young age and is quite well known in the Viennese art scene. Following a divorce, she’s trying to get herself together, and make a name for herself in America, as well.

“People ask me, ‘What do you prefer, music or art?’ I ask them, ‘What do you prefer, to inhale or exhale?’” — Fawni. Just Fawni.

Sascha Gerecht

Sascha is like a reality TV renaissance man: DJ, music producer, clothing designer, night club and restaurant owner. He hits all the marks. Sascha mostly aims to make a lot of money, and seemingly does so quite well. “The heartbeat of the Sascha Gerecht empire” is his fashion line based in Hollywood, Rockstars & Angels. His DJ / Pop music project, LA Hero, is also signed to Sony Records. Sascha has a wife and children still in Germany, and his his hope is to create a better life for them in America and bring them over, which is to say, get as rich and famous here as he was there… and bring them over.

Jannik Olander

In Jannik, we find a little focus. He doesn’t do it all; he does one thing, and he does it well. Danish-born, and armed with a business degree, Jannik cut his designer teeth at big fashion names like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, inspiring him to create his own jewelry line, Nialaya. In 2011, Nialaya really took off and Jannik was able to open his first retail outlet on Melrose Avenue, and has been accessorizing celebrities and bringing in that Hollywood cash ever since