20 Gifts for Night Owls, Because The World Becomes Magical When Everyone Else Goes to Bed

Night owls may not get their days started as early as morning birds, but boy do they have the longest nights. If you're a nocturnal creature, you know how magical the world can get when everyone else is sleeping. It's quiet, it's peaceful, and it's seemingly endless. Night owls are their own breed, so when it comes to picking out a present for one, make sure you're thinking like they do. Here are 20 gifts to get those sleepless romantics who stay awake until the early hours of the morning.

TV Wireless Headphones

TV Wireless Headphones, $100, Sharper Image

Not everyone is a night person. Night owls get it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to binge watch the new season of Orange Is the New Black until four in the morning. A pair of wireless TV headphones solves that problem.

Grumpy Cat Sleeping Mask

Grumpy Cat Sleeping Mask, $12, Goal Performer

Nocturnal people obviously have a harder time getting some shuteye. A Grumpy Cat sleeping mask is the perfect solution to help them get a little rest, especially if the sun is rising just as they’re fading.

"Glo" Color Changing Night Light

“Glo” Color Changing Night Light, $70, Nordstrom

This nightlight is perhaps the coolest thing since sliced bread — seriously. Grab a glowing ball and carry it with you around the house so you don’t have to flip on every light switch along the way. Genius.

Pointer Finger Jotter

Pointer Finger Jotter, $8, Night Owl Paper Goods

It’s not that night owls don’t have things to do, it’s just that they get distracted easily. A reminder notebook is the perfect gift for a wandering mind.

Night Owl T-Shirt

Night Owl T-Shirt, $9, Headline Shirts

Say it loud, say it proud. Night owls represent.

Mighty Bright Xtraflex LED Backlight

Mighty Bright Xtraflex LED Backlight, $10, Amazon

This super flexible LED backlight is perfect for the late night bookworm.

Jose's "Foodie Favorites" Gift Box

Jose’s “Foodie Favorites” Gift Box, $100, Jose Andres Foods

Night owls love a good midnight snack. Help them lay off the spoonfuls of peanut butter and handfuls of potato chips by getting them a classy foodie bag. Olives, spreads, and anchovies? Now that’s a step up.

International Time Clocks

International Time Clocks, $40, iLuxo

You know the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”? Well, it’s still before midnight somewhere too. Clocks that can be set to international times are a night creature’s best friend.

On Off Temperature Controlled Mug

On Off Temperature Controlled Mug, $11, Amazon

When night owls have an early morning, they may need a little help that comes in the form of a cup of joe. This mug changes its outer appearance once it’s filled with a warm brew.

Night Owl Decorative Pillow Cover

Night Owl Decorative Pillow Cover, $20, Light In The Box

You guys, it’s just so cute. Period.

Dreams Money-Saving BanClock

Dreams Money-Saving BanClock, $60, Cool Materials

This alarm clock requires that a coin be inserted before the alarm will turn off. Wake up on time, and save some money in the process. Awesome.

Cozie Slipper Boot

2015 Eco Friendly Wall Calendar

2017 Eco Friendly Wall Calendar, $17, My Paper Kittens

Just because night owls stay up late doesn’t mean they don’t have to be at the dentist at 9 a.m. the next morning. Help your sleepless buddies remember what nights they should try to tuck in early with a beautiful (and eco-friendly!) calendar.

Pen Flashlights

Pen Flashlights, $5, Amazon

It’s a flashlight. It’s a pen. Nope, even better — it’s a flashlight pen.

Night Owl Leather Bookmark

Night Owl Leather Bookmark, $25, Etsy

A handcrafted bookmark that was clearly made with night owls in mind.

Plum & Bow Granny Throw Blanket

Plum & Bow Granny Throw Blanket, $69, Urban Outfitters

Anyone who stays up late appreciates a good blanket to curl up with. This granny throw is no exception.

Night Owl Martini Picks

Night Owl Martini Picks, $21, Dizzy Diva

A martini pick set composed of night owls. Now that’s fancy.

Not a Morning Person Tote Bag

Not A Morning Person Tote Bag, $15, Cafe Press

This tote bag gives fair warning to strangers, and, well… non-strangers.

Programmable Coffeemaker

Programmable Coffeemaker, $40, Amazon

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, there’s something magnificent about the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Program this machine the night before, and you’ll have a hot cup ready when your alarm goes off.

Night Owl Pendants

Night Owl Pendants, $3, Etsy

The true icon of any night owl… a night owl. Shocker, I know. These plated pendants are a sweet gift that can be turned into necklaces, earrings, or whatever else you can think of.