Kendall Jenner In 'Love' Advent Calendar As A Sexy Santa, And She Totally Kills It

Save for her brief instances of nipple flashing in an IG photo and on the Marc Jacobs runway, Kendall Jenner is often clean-cut and all-American with her runway poses and her personal style. But hey, girl knows how to show off her sexiest side: Kendall Jenner posed for Love 's annual advent calendar in what is quite possibly her hottest shoot yet. She might not be going full-frontal like big sister Kim Kardashian, but her subtle brand of sexy is just as empowering.

Sure, she was futuristic and red-lipped for the cover of Dazed , but for the most part, Kendall's style is relatable. She wears simple, often all-black ensembles that stand out from the rest of her sister's form-fitting outfits. When it comes down to work, however, Kendall clearly knows how to rock what she's got. For this particular shoot, Kendall's still rocking her signature all black look, but this time she's traded in pants and a tee for thigh high stockings, high waisted underwear, and, of course, a Santa hat for a pop of festive color.

Even though her panties are a bit granny-like in their high-waistedness, they do nothing to dilute Kendall's hawtness.

Dang, she could melt the polar ice caps with that stare, turning Santa's workshop into a beachside resort.


Image: Love Magazine/Instagram