Nail Polish Color Affects How Much You Eat, Says Science, So Plan Accordingly This Holiday Season

Forget going gluten free — there's a new (and even more insane) weight loss trick in town. While many of us enjoy over-indulging around Christmas, the Gwyneth Paltrow's of the world might this information useful. Apparently, some studies suggest that your nail polish color can influence how much you eat. If you're trying to control your food intake (not recommended, but to each their own) this holiday season, you may want to strategically plan that manicure.

Rachel Zoe's website The Zoe Report has the official deets on which colors influence your eating for better or for worse. The piece doesn't site any sources, so there's no telling how scientific these findings are, but I did find a few other articles discussing the impact of color on your appetite. According to The Kitchn, "the color of your food, dishes, table linens and wall color can all have an affect" on how much you eat.

Want to become the master of your own (stomach) destiny? Think mind — and fingertips — over matter. Read on for how the most common nail shades positively and negatively impact your ability to eat an entire apple pie in one sitting. Might I recommend choosing one of the "eat more" colors for your family's annual holiday dinner?

For maximum "stuff your face"-ability...


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Curb Your Enthusiastic Appetite:


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