Spice Girl Mel B Freely Speaks About a Past Relationship with a Woman & It's Refreshingly Real

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. That's exactly what former Spice Girl Mel B (aka Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown) is doing regarding the suspected same-sex relationship she had some years back. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Mel B opened up about having a four-year relationship with a woman to The Guardian. Not only is her confirmation a brave one (because we all know how critical and harsh people can, unfortunately, be), but the America's Got Talent and X-Factor judge did it with such a carefree attitude that will hopefully show others that this isn't really that big of a deal. She told the news outlet,

Well, I did have a four-year relationship with a woman. But I’ve been very happily married for seven years to a penis. Ha ha! An amazing guy … I’ve definitely not been shy or been one to hold back. If I wanted to try something, I did. I had a girlfriend. So what?

The former girlfriend is said to be Christa Parker. Apparently, Parker has two children attending the same Los Angeles school Brown's oldest daughter, Phoenix, went to. For years, there's been speculation over whether Brown's dated women, but she doesn't classify herself as a lesbian. In an interview with Alan Carr: Chatty Man , Brown said, "I would not call it that. I was just one of those ladies. Now I’m happily married." Her interviewer points to her as once saying, "People call me lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual, but I know who’s in my bed and that’s it ... I have a huge libido and a great sex life," and she agrees with her former statement.

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This also doesn't mean she has an open marriage with her husband of seven years, Stephen Belafonte. According to Brown, they are very much in love and only have eyes for one another:

No, me and my husband are very tight and solid. But I will be the first one to compliment a woman, to say to my husband, "Oh my God, look at her legs"; or "Doesn’t she look stunning?" I do think women are gorgeous. Crazy but gorgeous.

See, she's not so scary after all. Brown's just a woman who finds both men and women beautiful. No reason to shame her for that or for her honesty.

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