The Victoria's Secret Angels Take London, And It Looks Like They're Having A Blast

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has been all over the headlines lately, no? First, we found out that VS favorite Cara Delevingne and aspiring Angel Kendall Jenner would be passing on the show in favor of a Chanel event on the same night (can't you just see Karl Lagerfeld in a high-back chair, stroking Choupette and laughing maniacally?). Then, we learned that this might just be the year that Suki Waterhouse finally joins the Angels. Things have certainly been happening over the past month, but now it's time for things to start in earnest — with the Victoria's Secret fashion show filming on Tuesday (though you won't be able to watch until December 9), the Angels have stepped up their promotional game in a major way.

A little journeying through Instagram will take you through their flight via Victoria's Secret Air (I totally misread it as "Victoria's Secret Hair," which actually would make sense with regards to defying gravity and soaring to high altitudes) from JFK to STN — and the VS Angels certainly know how to travel in style. From cozy custom in-flight blankets to magazine spread-worthy posing with bell carts to matching bedazzled jackets... they've got it all.

So, in anticipation of tomorrow's show (which airs next week), let's take a little tour of the glitzy fun that makes up the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

The Tickets

The Runway, as it were

The Private Jet

The airport

The Selfies

And last but not least...

The matching Clothes

Images: Getty Images; Instagram