Does Nicole Kidman Pull Off Grace Kelly?

There's nothing an established Hollywood actor loves more than stepping into the shoes of a legend who came before them and parading it in front of every colleague with the power to vote on who gets to take home statuettes come winter. Sometimes the movie that results is actually quality, sometimes the performance transcendent. Sometimes it is not. It is yet to be seen which way Nicole Kidman's Grace of Monaco will go from this first trailer, but it's got a slow-talking voice-over and classical music — at least it's pretending to be fancy.

Grace of Monaco follows — you guessed it! — Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, six years after she left her film career to reign as Princess Grace of Monaco. "Long after the house of Grimaldi has fallen, the world is going to remember your name," the man speaking in the voice-over says over a shot of a car pulling up a cliff — rather morbid of the editors considering how Princess Grace met her end, but, hey, subtlety.

Directed by Olivier Dahan and starring Tim Roth, Milo Ventimiglia, Paz Vega, and Parker Posey as not-Grace-Kelly, the film follows Kelly's "crisis of marriage and identity."

At 46, Kidman is considerably older than 33-year-old Kelly was at the time being depicted, but hey, youth is overrated and Nicole Kidman seems to have been in the business long enough to do what she pleases. She's certainly rocking the icily serene looks Kelly was known for.