A West Virginia Shooting Spree Has Left 4 People Dead From 3 Separate Incidents

On Monday, a shocking shooting spree left four people dead in West Virginia from three separate incidents, all of which occurred within hours of one another. Police are looking for 39-year-old Jody Lee Hunt in connection with the shootings, which investigators believe are connected. Court documents unearthed by The Daily Mail reveal Hunt was convicted of abduction and use of a firearm in 1999. Hunt was also reportedly friends with two of the victims , and wrote on one of their Facebook walls as recently as last week.

Two victims have been identified so far: 39-year-old Sharon Kay Berkshire of Westover, and 28-year-old David Frum of Maidsville. Both have died.

During a press conference, state police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous said that two of the shootings happened in Westover, and the other occurred near Cheat Lake in County. Local schools were locked down for the majority of the day as police searched the surrounding area.

Police are looking for a 2011 Ford F-150 extended cab truck with a blacked-out license plate in connection to the shootings. The truck also has a sticker in the back window and a Black Tonneau cover on the bed. Anyone who has seen the truck is cautioned not to approach it, but to call police.

During the press conference, Monongalia County 911 director Mike Wolfe advised:

We ask that everyone stay vigilant and use their discretion about whether they should leave their homes.

West Virginia University stated on social media that there's been no incident near the college, and that the shootings are some distance away from it.

Police released two pictures of the vehicle in question, along with its description, via Facebook.

Additionally, a photo of Hunt was released.

This isn't the first shooting incident in West Virginia in the last week. New York Daily News reported a West Virginian news reporter was shot at last Friday, Nov. 29, while interviewing a pregnant woman outside of a store. Neither were injured.

Images: Facebook/West Virginia Police