Taylor Swift Steps Out In London Ahead Of The VS Fashion Show, And Her Outfit Sure Mixes A Lot Of Prints

Now this is an outfit. She may not be a Victoria's Secret angel, but Taylor Swift stepped out in London, and her outfit won't let anyone forget she's a part of the fashion show, too.

The 1989 singer, who is in the UK to perform at Tuesday night's VS fashion show, wore a holiday-inspired outfit (or is it a UK inspired outfit?) to shop in Covent Garden on Monday. Swift wore a red, tartan skirt, a black top with lace sleeves, striped black tights, and basic black bootie heels. It sounds cute, and in theory, it is, but those patterns! Those textures! There's just 50 shades of clashing here, Tay. I love the skirt. Tartan is huge for Fall, and, I mean, she is in the UK. And you can't go wrong with striped tights — they're just so fun. It's that shirt, those lace sleeves, it's just overkill. Remember what Coco Chanel said? About always taking one thing off before you leave the house? In Taylor's case, she should check one pattern at the door, please.

Regardless, the bottom half of the outfit is adorable and I can't wait to see what she'll wear on the runway tomorrow night.

Images: Getty Images, madkbrew/Twitter