35 Gifts Under $100 That Don't Look Cheap, So Get Ready To Win The Holidays

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"I'm only buying gifts for my immediate family this year," you promise yourself on November 1st. "I can't wait to still have money left over after the holidays," you think with a smile. Suddenly, it's mid-December, and your roommates, co-workers, old friends from college, and neighbor you've spoken to maybe three times all want to swap presents this year. Guess you're starting 2015 with a $0 bank account balance! Great!

Not so, my friends. Bustle and Spring, a new shopping app that lets you follow your favorite brands for awesome sales and exclusives, have teamed up to bring you 35 awesome gifts under $100. I'm not talking about weird knockoff Cartier bracelets that'll turn your S.O.'s mom's wrist green — these presents look like you dropped a ton of cash.

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