Have You Seen All These 'Toy Story' Easter Eggs?

Are you planning on watching Toy Story That Time Forgot tonight on ABC? I know you cried during Toy Story 3, so why not indulge in Pixar's latest televised adventure? According to an early review, the special will include plenty of Toy Story Easter Eggs for fans and adults alike.

No, I'm not talking about those "dirty Disney" posts your friends are always posting on Facebook or whispering about in the playground. Pixar loves to pepper the background of their scenes with references to their other properties as well as jokes for the parents watching along with their children. Besides making Pixar Animation Studios look like a dream workplace, this leaves the audience with something to look out for as they watch.

"Toy Story That Time Forgot" takes place after the last film, when our gang of plastic heroes has moved in with Bonnie. According to the official ABC press release,

...during a post-Christmas play date, the Toy Story gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It's all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie's room.

It's a convention of this world that Christmas and birthdays pose a threat to the existing toys. The hidden jokes will just make it even more fun.

So what Easter Eggs can you expect to find? Get out your BINGO cards, here are some things you are likely to see in tonight's special:

Pizza Planet

The fictional restaurant has shown up in several Pixar films. Whether it's a delivery car or a leftover wrapper, we'll likely see a reference to this kid's food mecca.

References to Other Pixar Films

Maybe Bonnie has a Merida doll now, some toy Cars or a hand-drawn picture of Scully and Mike? Pixar also loves to reference its own films, creating a giant universe that one could easily write conspiracy theories about.


This one is a guarantee. The letter and number code "A113" can be found in every Pixar film. It was the number of a classroom where many Pixar animators studied graphic design. It's something they have in common. Isn't that sweet?

Luxo Jr.

Everyone should recognize this iconic Pixar image by now. The little hopping lamp was one of the first Pixar star, introduced in John Lasseter's short, Luxo Jr.

Luxo's Toy

If we don't see Luxo Jr. himself, perhaps his little starred ball can be found. It's sort of an icon.

Science Fiction References

We've already seen Buzz Lightyear spoof Star Wars in a pretty "on the nose" confrontation with his father in Toy Story 2. I predict that Toy Story That Time Forgot will have shades of Jurassic Park, Back To The Future 3 and possibly also Galaxy Quest, because Tim Allen stars in each. There's also, of course, The Land That Time Forgot which this special takes it name from. The novel and 1975 film tell the tale of a group of people during World War I who crash onto an island that has ignored the laws of evolution and has early humans and dinosaurs living together. There are sure to be references to this old classic as well.

Images: Disney/Pixar; Giphy (6)