Jerry Seinfeld Battles Jimmy Fallon & Martin Short at Pictionary, But No One Actually Wins — VIDEO

There are just some party games that are guaranteed to cause arguments to break out among people who once considered themselves friends. Monopoly is a given. Scrabble can get intense. Pictionary is just asking for trouble — especially if you're partnered with someone who can't draw. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and Miranda Sings played Pictionary. I mean, if you can call what they were doing a game of Pictionary and not an absolute tragedy for all involved. Pictionary is kind of an optimistic term for what they actually did, which was more like "yelling and drawing badly." And, oh, it was epic.

But let's say for a second it was Pictionary. Fallon was paired with Short and Seinfeld was paired with Sings for the game and, as an example of exactly how badly it went, it took Sings an entire 30 seconds to draw 1/16th of a mistletoe. Seinfeld drew a foot that looked like a square bush with a hat. And don't even get me started on Fallon's approximation of hand gliding. I don't consider myself Picasso or anything, but anyone who has ever hated the way that they draw can watch this game and feel a whole lot better about themselves. As for Fallon, Short, Seinfeld, and Sings — well, at least they're all talented in many other ways.

Check out the hilarious game below.

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Image: YouTube