Ed Sheeran Surprises Fan With Karaoke Duet Because He's an Actual Saint — VIDEO

I know that celebrities make a big show of being just like us, but I've got to say that I have a healthy appreciation for when celebrities do remember that they're not just like us. I'm not talking about how, in general, celebrities tend to serve less jail time for committing crimes than regular people would in their place. Instead, I'm talking about when celebrities use their name or their brands to do something nice for their fans. Just like Taylor Swift sent her fans Christmas presents because she is an actual angel, so too did her friend Ed Sheeran make a fan's dreams come true. In fact, Sheeran surprised a young fan with a duet on-air during The Late Late Toy Show and it will melt your heart.

The young Irish fan was named Aimee Keogh and she was busy demonstrating how a karaoke app worked to the host of the Irish program — using "Lego House" as an example since she knew all the words. She started singing the song and then Sheeran himself ran onto the set and grabbed her in a hug. Keogh, like any single one of us would do in her place, promptly burst into tears and became incoherent with joy, which made it kind of hard for them to start the duet since she couldn't even think past the crying.

Can you blame her? If Sheeran was Beyoncé, then I would react exactly like Keogh. In fact, as a bonus, I probably would have dropped to my knees in praise, but that is neither here nor there. And that wasn't even the end of it. Not only did the little girl get to sing with one of her idols, but she also received an added surprise from the artist: she and her family get an all-expenses paid trip to see him perform in London in 2015 and Sheeran gave her Christmas presents. It's at times like this that I can see why Sheeran and Swift are such good friends. They both not only just love their fans, but prove it as often as they can by pulling stunts like this. If you're not a Sheerio yet, then you really should join the club.

Check out the heartwarming moment below.

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Image: YouTube