Happy Holidays, Kids! Here's A Terrifying Animatronic Santa At Macy's That Is Clearly Possessed — PHOTO

Warning: this is kind of gross. There's a creepy Santa robot sitting in the window of Macy's somewhere having his beard tugged by an animatronic little girl while his robot mouth gapes open. If the visual wasn't creepy enough, someone has gone and added a sex noise/"ho, ho, ho" hybrid sound over the video which tips the scales from "merely creepy" to "downright nightmarish." Yes, this video is intended to lead you to believe that Santa climaxes when a little girl pulls his beard. It's very dark.

This video is making me contemplate how little magic in left for kids of the Digital Age. I can't imagine what it's like to be a child with access to the Internet, especially when it comes to things like Santa. I would assume any capable 8-year-old now knows how to Google, and if suspicions were ever raised, it would be more than easy to type "Is Santa real?" into search to discover the unfortunate answer. Likewise, videos like this are really spoiling the illusion of Christmas too. Although I think this video says more about the person who decided to make Santa a fetishist pedophile than about Santa himself. Santa is great, I'll stand by that. In the mean time, I'd like to motion for stores to keep their animatronic Santa displays more on the cute than creepy side, please, thus limiting the ability of people on the Internet to so successfully record sex noises to videos of them. Watch the creepiness below.

Mr. Crumples on YouTube