Cara & Kendall Have A New Magazine Cover

It girls Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are the notorious celebrity BFFs of the moment. Just two super gorgeous supermodels conquering the world together (seriously they're both killing it right now) and documenting their womance (read: girl version of bromance) on Instagram. Making a clear statement about their affection for each other, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne cover Love Magazine's February Issue in a close-embracing, straddle-like pose.

It seems Love just loves this famous friendship and wanted to shed light on it, harnessing the combined powers of Jenner and Delevingne. I mean, who doesn't love a real life celebrity friendship? It seems totally organic too. The cover looks like a real candid, as if the two besties were just goofing around being their silly selves while a photographer snapped away at them. I for one am fascinated by their overnight, extremely close friendship. It's like they never leave each other's side! They both decided to skip the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year, and they showed up together to the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday night. Hey, maybe they just truly click amongst a celebrity world of fake friendships.

Love posted the below picture to their Instagram, teasing the release of the issue hitting stands on Tuesday. What are your thoughts on the cover?

Image: caradelevingne/Instagram