6 Reasons Sam Smith Should Represent Earth When Aliens Arrive

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who wish Sam Smith was their best friend, and those who simply haven't discovered him yet. If you have yet to be inducted into the former club, let be the one to welcome you. It's not just that he's musically brilliant, or incredibly talented and composed for someone who's only 22 years old, Smith is an all around precious person and every time I watch him do an interview, I love him even more. Case in point, Sam Smith's recent sit down with Ellen DeGeneres, where he talked coming out to his mom (who, by the way, was totally unfazed) at age four, and addressed a few concerns some people might have about him not being interested in being a spokesperson for the gay community.

And to be clear, it's not that Smith doesn't want to represent the gay community, he's just more interested in representing all people equally if he's going to be in the spotlight. It makes sense — at the end of the day, we're all just people, regardless of sexual orientation.

"I want to be a spokesperson for everyone," he said. "Straight people, gay people, bisexual, anything. I don't want it to be limited ... I'm 22, I'm still trying to figure everything out."

Smith isn't wrong. If aliens invaded and they wanted to speak to someone on earth, I would probably want to send someone just like him to represent the human race. There are several different reasons why Smith would make the best possible spokesperson for basically everyone on earth.

He came from humble beginnings

Before he was topping the charts, Smith had a dirty job — scrubbing toilets at a London bar. I don't trust people who haven't had to do menial labor at least once in their lives, and since Smith doesn't seem to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he's got a better understanding of what working class people go through.

He's kind to his fans

And he often shares things like this on Instagram, making them feel even more special. It's obvious that Smith has a really kind, genuine heart, so as a spokesperson for all humans, he would make us look way better than we actually are.

He's totally open to joining forces with Taylor Swift

Look. They're friends! And since I also believe that Swift would make an awesome ambassador for the people of earth, their (hopefully) future BFF pairing would make them ideal partners in representing humankind as a whole.

He's awesome at public speaking

MOBO Awards on YouTube

When I was 22, I was taking public speaking in college and barely scraped by as I stumbled over my words and forgot my own name. Smith steps up to accept an award, and it's like he's been doing this his entire life.

He's honest about who he is

Box Plus on YouTube

Aside from being super forthcoming about his sexuality — which is something that he definitely didn't owe any of us — he's upfront about those neurotic idiosyncrasies that we're all prone to, like being paranoid that he's accidentally going to flood his house someday.

"It's getting a bit worse at the moment," he admitted. "I have to check taps. I have to put my hand on the taps before I leave the house to make sure I've checked everything in case it floods."

He's very down-to-earth

Although he's still a new artist, Smith has spent a good amount of time on the radio, but he's still surprised and excited to see that people actually enjoy his music. This is definitely an essential trait in being a good spokesperson for anyone. For example, would you want to send Kanye West to talk to the aliens? No, because they would all think that we are like Kanye West, and would destroy us immediately.