2015's Oscar Best Picture Hopefuls Are a Carbon Copy of Last Year's Nominees — PHOTOS

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Every year it's the same song and dance. We get all amped up about which movies will earn Academy Award nominations in the esteemed category of Best Picture, but ultimately find the same material filling up the list time after time. Right now, we're looking at the usual batch to vie for the Oscar in February 2015: the civil rights picture, the transformative performance-based biopic, the token sci-fi blockbuster. The roundup is so predictable, you can just about sync up every Best Picture hopeful of the year with a nominee from the last go 'round.

If we look at 2014's top honored films (12 Years a Slave, American Hustle, Captain Phillips), we'll find that just about every one of them has a 2015 counterpart. So what's this year's answer to The Wolf of Wall Street? To Gravity? To Her? We've got a few ideas on the issue.

Check out the gallery to find out which of this year's Oscar hopefuls match up with last year's nominees!

Image: Paramount Pictures

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