8 Best Cory & Shawn Moments on 'Boy Meets World'

by Alanna Bennett

Forget Ross and Rachel, forget Monica and Chandler, forget Buffy and Angel or even Buffy and Spike. Forget it all — the greatest love of '90s television was that between Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews. And, world, that love is returning to us: Girl Meets World 's biggest Boy Meets World reunion to date comes December 5.

Yes, Shawn Hunter is making his triumphant return, and it is the perfect opportunity for us to remember everything that makes it so triumphant. For one, the promo indicates that Cory and Shawn are as close as ever — though I'm still a little sore that Shawn doesn't live in the same building or even city as them. I mean, I expected these two to remain co-dependent forever. At least their love remains strong, and Topanga remains a delightful part of it as well.

One of Boy Meets World's biggest strengths was that it had not one but two uber-close bonds that followed through the show's seven seasons — and that those bonds overlapped at every step. There was Cory and Topanga and Cory and Shawn, but there was also the grand combination of our three heroes together, united against the world and endlessly committed to each other. And so, as Girl Meets World's holiday episode brings us up to date on how that bond aged, let us remember some of its shining moments from the glory days.

Their Fight at Cory & Topanga's Wedding

And the way they made up at the end? Soulmates.

Sneaking Around to See Each Other

No one can come between these two.

Their Secret Handshake

I am bitter towards all of my friends because we lack secret handshakes.

Their Break-Up

Even they went through some tough times, it made them all the stronger.

Coping with Mr. Turner's Accident

Too bad they never ever mention Mr. Turner again.

Overcoming the Boundaries of Popularity

Shawn Hunter forever.

Having feminist awakenings by dressing as women

Good times.

Growing old together

Their love is eternal.

The Present Day

When I first saw these gifs I started sniffling in a coffee shop and now everyone here is looking at me funny.