Does 'Mockingjay Part 1' Have a Post-Credits Scene? Yes & It's a Powerful One

If you didn't stay for the whole of the third Hunger Games movie, you might have missed the Mockingjay Part 1 post-credits scene. Unlike some movies, the bonus scene didn't include any of the characters, but it still held a lot of meaning for fans. If you stayed through the entire credits you'd be treated to the Mockingjay logo catching fire and shifting into the position that it takes on the cover of the final novel. Its wings are now spread wide and defiant, instead of downcast like they were in the first couple of films.

As with everything Suzanne Collins wrote about, this image also holds symbolism. The person who posted the video of the credits scene noted that at first "the Mockingjay is bowed down, which is used in the first movie poster, when Katniss is still bowed and trapped by the cruel system imposed by President Snow." But now the rebellion has begun and the Mockingjay is no longer held captive. In fact, the special post-credits version of the logo even shows the bird breaking free of the ring that surrounds it, truly epitomizing the ultimate freedom that is being sought after in the final half of the novel.

While the scene doesn't add anything new to the plot of the film, it's still a nice easter egg and a powerful image. But if you don't feel like waiting an extra 10 minutes after the movie concludes, or you missed it when you saw it the first time, you can check out the video here.

Image: Lionsgate