Rolling Stones Saxophonist Bobby Keys Has Passed Away & You'll Definitely Recognize His Contributions to Rock Music History — VIDEO

Devastating news for classic rock fans: According to reports from AP, legendary saxophonist Bobby Keys passed away at the age of 70, after reportedly experiencing complications with an illness. Keys is best known for touring with and appearing on many albums by The Rolling Stones — including Let It Bleed and Sticky Fingers — as well albums from Eric Clapton, The Who, and Joe Cocker.

"The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys," The Rolling Stones said of Keys in a statement. "Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960s. He will be greatly missed." Stones guitarist Keith Richards, who has long remained a close friend of Keys, released his own, heartfelt statement honoring Keys as well: "I have lost the largest pal in the world and I can't express the sense of sadness I feel, although Bobby would tell me to cheer up...My condolences to all that knew him and his love of music."

Keys was, simply, rock music legend: He was known for his brilliance on the saxophone, and was instrumental in the creation of many of the Stones' classic hits: "Brown Sugar," "Sweet Virginia," and "Live With Me," most notably. He was also with John Lennon during Lennon's infamous "lost weekend."

According to reports, Keys recently opted out of performing with the Rolling Stones during their most recent tour due to illness. He passed away on Tuesday, at his home in Nashville.

He, and his unrivaled talent, will be greatly missed, but his legacy will undoubtedly live on through his brilliant contributions to rock music history. Check out one of Keys' best appearances with The Rolling Stones, a live performance of "Sweet Virginia" in 1972, below.

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