22 Holiday Gifts Your Significant Other's Mom Will Adore, Because Mothers-In-Love Deserve The Perfect Present — PHOTOS

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Shopping for you own mother is hard enough, but shopping for your significant other's mom is impossible—almost. It's hard to stay away from the cliches (cranberry scented Yankee Candles, a bouquet of roses from Flowers.com, anything Godiva), but it's also hard to totally nail a gift for someone else's mom. Most likely, you don't know her as well as, say, you're own mom, but you want to seem intuitive regardless. You probably want her to think, "My son's lady really knows her stuff! I actually like this. Wow, she is suddenly like a daughter to me, but I'm also not going to call her too often because I respect her space!"

For the holidays, you want to get your partner's mom things she might actually use. You probably want to be creative, but not spend your entire saving's account on a custom-made reading lamp. Here are 22 holiday gift ideas for all kinds of mother-in-loves, all under $100.

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