22 Holiday Gifts Your Significant Other's Mom Will Adore, Because Mothers-In-Love Deserve The Perfect Present — PHOTOS

Shopping for you own mother is hard enough, but shopping for your significant other's mom is impossible—almost. It's hard to stay away from the cliches (cranberry scented Yankee Candles, a bouquet of roses from Flowers.com, anything Godiva), but it's also hard to totally nail a gift for someone else's mom. Most likely, you don't know her as well as, say, you're own mom, but you want to seem intuitive regardless. You probably want her to think, "My son's lady really knows her stuff! I actually like this. Wow, she is suddenly like a daughter to me, but I'm also not going to call her too often because I respect her space!"

For the holidays, you want to get your partner's mom things she might actually use. You probably want to be creative, but not spend your entire saving's account on a custom-made reading lamp. Here are 22 holiday gift ideas for all kinds of mother-in-loves, all under $100.

Beaded Bastina Clutch

Everyone loves a pretty clutch, because clutches always come in handy. Need to run to the grocery store for more butter? Grab your clutch. Friend’s birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory? Clutch it. This particular one from Anthro is uniquely gorgeous as well as the perfect size.

Beaded Bastina Clutch, $68, Anthropologie

Glass Tumblr Set

Assuming your SO’s mom likes a cocktail or two, this glass tumblr set is pretty drool-worthy.

Glass tumblr set, $40, J Crew

Jacqueline Au Chevalet Lithograph

Everyone loves art! But art can be expensive. And everyone has different tastes. Which is why this 10.5” by 10.5” lithograph is perfect. It’s not huge, nor is it in-your-face. It’s aesthetically wonderful, yet it’s subtle enough to suit just about anyone.

Jacqueline Au Chealet, $23, Fab

Glass Hanging Vase

I just got this for my SO’s mom and she loved it. Or at least she said she did, and she didn’t sound like was faking it, so I’ll just go ahead and assume this hanging glass vase is everything she ever wanted.

Glass hanging vase, $45, Etsy

Aluratek 8’’ LCD Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is always impressive because it’s kind of like the photos in Harry Potter that interact with you when you look at them. See? Muggles can do cool stuff too.

Digital photo frame, $39, Target

MOR Lip Macaron Tin

Not only is this lip balm exquisite and just the daintiest little tin of lovely, but it smells really good too. And it looks more expensive than just ten dollars, which is a plus.

MOR Lip Macaron Tin, $10, Anthropologie

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer

Everyone likes to feel pampered, and moisturized skin is definitely one way to do that. Generally, lotion is a little bit played out as a gift, but if your SO’s mom is the type of woman to avoid treating herself to expensive beauty products, you could just do it for her, and anything Origins is bomb.

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer, $29, Sephora

Cuisinart Griddler

You cannot go wrong with awesome and convenient kitchen appliances.

Cuisinart Griddler, $100, Crate and Barrel

Printed Fur-Lined Slippers

I bet she already has slippers, but I also bet they’re beat up beyond recognition because that’s what happens to all slippers. Get her this adorable, winter-y pair that just oozes with cozy.

Printed fur lined slippers, $26, Gap

'California' by Edan Lepucki

I’ve basically been recommending this book to everyone I know, so I’m gonna also go ahead and recommend it to you. California, which came out this fall (so chances are, she hasn’t read it yet) is about Cal and Frida, two survivors of the post-apocalypse in LA. They learn to live in the wild in order to survive, but things go from bad to worse—Frida discovers she’s pregnant. Dun, dun, DUN.

Click here to buy.

Mermaid For Each Other Bookends

Pair this gift with a book, or by itself. You can never have enough bookends.

Mermaid for each other Bookends, $45, Modcloth

Jardin Des Plantes Soap Set

Soap may be a little expected, but who doesn’t love fancy soap? No one. Everyone loves fancy soap, even if you just use it to make your guest bathroom look more luxurious than it is. Also, soap lasts basically until the end of time.

Jardin Des Plantes Soap Set, $18, Anthropologie

Oui by French Bull Mug Set of 4

Since these mugs are ’60s-tastic, I am automatically going to be very, very into them. I’ve been seeing a lot of monogrammed mugs lately, but brightly colored patterned mugs is where it’s at. We all need something bright and pretty in the morning.

French Bull Mug Set of 4, $25, Target

Foil Stripe Tee

This neutral striped shirt is soft and endlessly divine. It also goes with just about everything and anything, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your SO’s mom’s wardrobe. And truthfully, you’ll probably want to buy one for yourself as well.

Foil Stripe Tee, $55, J Crew

Coach Poppy/Poppy Blossom Roller Ball

Buying perfume for women is tricky, especially since everyone has their own scent, and imposing another one on somebody can be kind of intense. But that’s what roller balls are for! Plus, Poppy and Poppy Blossom are mature, but fresh and vibrant perfumes, perfect for any age or any person.

Poppy/Poppy Blossom Roller Ball, $24, Coach

"Holiday Spirit" Ornament

I went to Blake Lively’s lifestyle site. I did it. And I am not ashamed. Girl has got an eclectic taste, and where else would you find an ornament with squirrels in it?

Holiday Spirit Ornament, $16, Preserve

Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla bubble bath

I know, I know—giving your future mother-in-law bubble bath? Cliche! But trust: This stuff is amazing. And every person deserves to experience a relaxing bubble bath with the highest grade bubbles around.

Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla bubble bath, $17, Bath and Body Works

Patterned Chai Glass Pitcher

If your partner’s mom is a tea drinker, then she will love this ornamental tea pitcher—especially if she has company over a lot.

Patterned Chai Glass Pitcher, $6, Teavana

"Lion-In-A-Box" Gift Set

Lion Coffee is some of the most choice coffee, ever. I really do mean “ever.” If your mother-in-love likes flavored coffees (their website has a variety, don’t worry), these are wonderful blends.

“Lion-In-A-Box” Gift Set, $28, Lion Coffee

Volpi Italian Wine Salami Trio Box

Salami is delicious, and for some reason exponentially regal. Pair this with some crackers and cheese, and BAM. Perfect holiday gift for a classy lady.

Volpi Italian Wine Salami Trio Box, $13, World Market

DENY Designs Giraffe With Bubblegum Throw Pillow

Oh Target, you fancy. Look at you and your giraffe blowing bubbles. I absolutely adore this pillow, and I feel like most rational humans would. Make sure it goes with the rest of her house (and if it doesn’t Target offers a variety of DENY pillows with intricate, fun designs.

DENY Designs Giraffe With Bubblegum Throw Pillow, $50, Target

The B Side Cabernet Sauvignon

And if worse comes to worst, you could always go with wine.

The B Side Cabernet Sauvignon, World Market, Prices vary