'Breaking Bad' Obituaries for Walter White's Craziest Victims

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With the end of Breaking Bad hanging behind us like a grim reaper of quality television, there's no time like the present to spend a moment eulogizing the ones we've loved, hated, and been shocked to see go during the show's history.

Perhaps the least-shocking but most heartbreaking of all those deaths came during Sunday night's third-to-last episode, wherein the series arguably lost its moral compass. Better to take time now to remember those we've lost along the way. From least-to-most heartbreaking, we've brought you the biggest, baddest deaths in Heisenberg's history.

Now for those who need it spelled out: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Ain't nobody you can be mad at but yourself if you click on without having seen Sunday night's episode "Ozymandias."

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