When Will Kanye West's New Album Come Out? Rihanna May Have Just Told Us All

Kanye West may be the type to keep his new material so shrouded in mystery that we don't even know whether or not he's working on new material in the first place, but, luckily for us, it doesn't seem that Rihanna feels the same way — because her new charity auction might have just revealed West's music plans for 2015. According to Spin, the website for Rihanna's charity auction offers one package stating that Kanye West will go on tour in 2015, on the page appropriately titled, "Kanye West Tour Experience." Currently going for $15,000 on the site, the package offers the buyer the opportunity to "be Kanye West’s special front row VIP guest for his upcoming North American 2015 tour. Experience a rare opportunity meet & greet with the icon," as well a pair of Yeezys, autographed tour memorabilia, and exclusive tour merchandise. Pretty sweet deal.

Only problem: This is the first anyone is hearing about a Kanye West North American tour in 2015. And, furthermore, if he's going on tour in North America, that must mean he's got new material on the way that he plans to debut — his last album, Yeezus, came out in 2013, so there's no way he'd tour with that.

In other words, this auction says it all: 2015 is sooooo the year for new Kanye material.

It doesn't look like West has responded (his Twitter, still, hasn't been updated since Nov. 19), and Rihanna hasn't tweeted about the reveal either. Hey, hear me out: Maybe they planned this? It's not out of the realm of possibility that West would drop the news quietly, because I'm sure he knows how the music news industry works — there is no way any music blogger who knows what they're doing would overlook a listing like this one on an auction page operated by Rihanna's people, so maybe he figured it was a matter of time until the news went viral. His method of trying to break the Internet like his wife, Kim Kardashian, perhaps? Who knows. Anyway, anyone got $15,000 I could borrow?

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